Is the Media Bias Creating a Problem?

Is the Media Bias Creating a Problem?

It’s been my experience in this profession, that the number one topic for readers in newspapers and magazines is often one of politics. Political topics and opinion polls show that the average citizen believes that the mass media (news) gives up-to-the-minute and truthful news about the country (44% and 42%, respectively), while many people feel that the media often exaggerates news events for political reasons.

In addition to the public’s lack of trust in the mass media outlets, several recent studies and research findings have concluded that the media are not only biased but also inaccurately reporting the facts. This could also explain why the media seem to have an anti-Obama agenda and they are less likely to cover his campaign than a John McCain or another conservative candidate.

However, it may be more important to the media’s credibility to address the increasing need to diversify their news content. With a growing demographic and political diversity in the United States, journalists who choose to report on a wide range of topics may find that their audience is less interested in information that was formerly presented only to a small group of people. The fact that everyone is now a journalist has also increased the possibility of conflict between reporters, editors, and news editors, as well as between viewers and the media outlet itself.

Because of these factors, large news corporations may be forced to change their policies on how news is presented. However, the media industry has already been working towards diversifying themselves, and there is certainly no need for news organizations to have quotas based on gender or racial diversity, sexual orientation, or religion.

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Even if news organizations have the right to impose such quotas, there are plenty of alternative sources of news, both online and offline that provide the same level of unbiased and factual reporting. For example, you can visit a local bar, restaurant, bookstore, or book store, and find an abundance of books, news items, articles, radio programs, and newspapers covering a broad spectrum of subjects, including local news.

You’ll also find that many large scale news organizations have their websites, which provide their audience with articles, videos, and other materials related to the stories of their networks and other networks. These sites also provide a great deal of background information as well. With this large amount of information available online, news websites offer a way for the public to access and share the news that may have previously eluded them in the traditional media outlets.

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